Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a global peer-led mutual aid fellowship begun in the United States dedicated to abstinence-based recovery from alcoholism through their spiritually inclined twelve-step program.


Community Counseling uses all of the above types of therapy for the mental health needs of marginalized and underserved people. As a group, clinics often provide direction and assistance for people who are in poverty, not employable, or who work in low-paying, non-union jobs such as farm labor, maid service, food preparation, and janitorial. Some are awaiting citizenship and most do not have access to needed mental health services.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment…


Faith-based counseling is counseling or therapy that involves a spiritual and/or religious approach. Dependent upon the education…


One or more psychologists lead a group of roughly five to 15 patients. Typically groups meet…


Also known as psychotherapy, this type of ongoing counseling…

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