Your Guide to lasting
Sobriety and Success!

Millions of us suffer from addictions of all sorts. We reach a point where our lives are falling apart and we are hurting ourselves and others. We are losing our ablity to find true happiness and success.

This directory is focused on solutions for the many problems caused by alcohol and drug abuse. Any effective therapy starts by our first acknowledging that we need help, and then choosing to do something to change our downward direction.

The Recovery Directory lists all the tools you need to educate yourself as to the causes of addiction, and then offers a template for you to build your Personal Recovery Plan to break the habit and begin a new and wonderful life!

The fact is we need a plan, and that is what this directory offers. It shows you, step-be-step, how to access the education and support resources to build your own sobriety program, and to find the professional support you may need.

You have a wide variety of options and you can find most of them here. You just need to commit to the program and you will experience amazing changes taking place! So let’s get started.

Create Your Personal Recovery Plan

If you are serious about recovery, you will at some point come to realize that you need a plan in order to make it happen. We offer you an easy-to-use template to build a healthy and fulfilled life for yourself

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The Recovery Book Club


Build your Recovery Library now!

The Recovery Book Club is a collection of dynamic publications that will enhance all aspects of your new life.

We will send you reviews of the most powerful and inspiring books available, from the all-time recovery classics to today’s bestsellers. Select from this sizable assemblage where you are sure to find powerful inspiration and direction in your journey to peace and fulfillment.

As a member of the Recovery Book Club these publications will be available at a discounted price.

These are life-changing writings that you will surely wish to share with others.

There is no obligation to purchase and membership is free.

Types of Therapy

“One size does not fit all.”

–– Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas

“We’re all individuals, and any one-size-fits-all approach will leave us feeling disenfranchised, disappointed, and ultimately dysfunctional.”

Meditation and Yoga: Ancient Practices for the Now World

Perhaps the foremost therapy for good mental health is the practice of mindfulness.  It’s so easy to learn, costs very little, and does wonders for anxiety, sleep, addictions, and many other issues.

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Yoga Pose

Therapy for a Nation in Crisis

Drug and alcohol abuse is surging and many are experiencing grief during the multiple pandemics of Covid-19, climate change, and addiction. Worries about job and business loss is causing deep anxiety. The country needs a central location dedicated to clearly directing those of us in need of sound therapeutic support. That is the primary mission of The Recovery Directory.


The Recovery Directory is your source for the many paths to survive and thrive during these trying times.

Group support

Build a Community of Love and Support

Find your place with family and friends with good therapy and a commitment to healthy living. By focusing on a supportive environment and positive thoughts we develop strength for effective healing.

Help our Cause

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Sections of The Recovery Directory are meant to be informative guides only. They are not intended for self-diagnosis. These diagnostic summaries are only meant for educational purposes, not diagnostic ones. If you believe that these patterns of symptoms describe you or someone you love, seek out a professional opinion by a treatment provider.

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